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"Good Food is our PRIDE". - Aling Nena

MAJESTO CATERING, formerly Janielyssa Catering Service is a home based catering service located in BF Homes Almanza, Las Pinas City. It is owned and operated by Ma. Elena Abella Sto. Domingo. Popularly known as "Aling Nena", an ilongga from Victorias Milling Company in Negros Occidental. She is a graduate of Culinary arts at PWU way back in the 60's.

Our Humble Start

In 1998, the Sto. Domingo family started a Balloon business together with a catering Service, thus the name Janielyssa Catering Services and Party Provider. That time, Aling Nena's eldest sister Malu Licad, was already into catering business. Aling Nena started catering only to relatives and friends, borrowing food warmers, plates and glasses from her sister. Later in year 2000, by word of mouth, the catering service became popular which prompted the family to focus on the Catering Service and drop the balloon business. The rest was HISTORY.

Specialty and Signature Dishes

Our Food is a combination of International and Filipino Cuisine. Among our popular dishes, Flat Noodle casserole and Baked Macaroni/spaghetti were the best seller pasta dishes. We also have our own version of Lengua Finnincierra, Baked pink Salmon and our ever popular Beef with Mushroom and Chicken Galantina. If you are into native dishes, a must try entrees is Honey baked pork spareribs which is our version of "adobo" with a twist. Only Janielyssa Catering Service has Royal bibingka for dessert, not a typical galapong bibingka or rice cake, a must try specialty product which you can order only from us. Majesto's dishes and products were traditional recipes handed down by Aling Nena's Mother (Luz H. Abella), her mother in-law (Celedonia A. Sto. Domingo), and her sister Malu Licad. Those Recipes were later on innovated, standardized and perfected by Aling Nena and her children.

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