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December 2008
Monday 12/1/2008: Confirmed Betchay Martinez/ Ayala Alabang
Confirmed Looyuko/ Ayala Alabang
Tuesday 12/2/2008: Castro/Richardson Nuptial Pilar Village Clubhouse,LPC Confirmed
Sonny Diaz/Teachers Village QC. Confirmed
Wednesday 12/3/2008: Reserved for City Gov. of Muntinlupa
Confirmed CDI Sakata/ Alabang
Thursday 12/4/2008: Confirmed for Rotary Ayala Alabang
Confirmed Tuazon/BF Almanza/font>
Friday 12/5/2008:
Saturday 12/6/2008: FULLY BOOKED
Confirmed Cater for Baby Domingo Baptism/Kawit Cavite
Confirmed for Earnest Escobar
Confirmed for Mrs.Capiz
Confirmed DMI BF Almanza
Confirmed for CCT Chemicals c/o Mrs. Trias
Cribe/BF Almanza
Sunday 12/7/2008: Confirmed for GCF South/BF Resort
Confirmed for Hyzel Hinolan
Monday 12/8/2008: Confirmed for Mrs. Sapitan/LPC
Tuesday 12/9/2008:
Wednesday 12/10/2008: Confirmed for South Supermarket Employees Xmas Party/ Filinvest
Confirmed for Cancer Society/Pacific Village Alabang
Thursday 12/11/2008: Confirmed for Juliet De Una
Confirmed Apoostleship of Prayer
Confirmed for Green Chem.
Confirmed for Dra. Fadul/Posadas Pque.
Confirmed for A. Moreno/Paranaque
Friday 12/12/2008: Confirmed for RBS (ABN AMRO) Makati
Confirmed for BJ Marthel/Pque
Reserved for Inquirer
Confirmed San Beda College/ Alabang
Saturday 12/13/2008: FULLY BOOKED
Confirmed for Villa Constantino
Lifeline Clinic/Ayala Alabang/Confirmed
Confirmed for CCT Chemicals c/o Mrs. Trias/ Ayala Alabang
Confirmed for Gay Apolonio/Paranaque
Confirmed LCSN Mover Inc./LPC
Confirmed for Mrs. Aguirre/Ayala Alabang
Sunday 12/14/2008: Confirmed for Lumen/St. Jerome Alabang
Monday 12/15/2008: Confirmed for Estrada/Serendra 2, Global City
Tuesday 12/16/2008: Confirmed for San Beda College
Confirmed RCBC Operations/Makati
Confirmed City Gov. of Makati
Confirmed for Mrs. Barlis/Muntinlupa
Confirmed for Jessie Mendez ATC
Wednesday 12/17/2008:
Thursday 12/18/2008: Confirmed for ING Bank/2 Serendra
Confirmed for Alta productions
Confirmed for Alabang Auto Exchange
Friday 12/19/2008: FULLY BOOKED
Confirmed for Pag-Ibig Fund/Makati
Confirmed for COA Manila City Hall
Reserved for LTO Muntinlupa
Reserved for Alta Productions
Confirmed for Carino/Ayala Alabang
Confirmed for Ana Sison
Saturday 12/20/2008: Confirmed for Destiny Cargo/Tambo Pque.
Confirmed for CDI Sakata Inc.
Confirmed for M. Cruz/Marikina
Sunday 12/21/2008: Confirmed for Mrs. Idea/Paranaque
Confirmed for Marge Estrella/Makati
Monday 12/22/2008: Confirmed for Lotsa Pizza/LPC
Confirmed for BIR N.Domingo San Juan
Confirmed for Mrs. Cruz/marikina Heights
Tuesday 12/23/2008: Confirmed Gervasio Security Agency/Ayala Madrigal Bus. Park
Confirmed for Herman Hinolan/Pilar Village LPC
Confirmed for Uni-Magna/Mamplasan Laguna
Wednesday 12/24/2008:
Thursday 12/25/2008: Confirmed for Miss Dacles/Paranaque
Confirmed for Dra. Nakar Ayala Alabang
Confirmed for Mrs. Oliveros/Ayala Alabang
Friday 12/26/2008: Confirmed for Aileen Ocampo/ Italia 500 BF Resort
Saturday 12/27/2008: Confirmed for Villa Constantino
Confirmed Cagatin Nuptial
Sunday 12/28/2008: Confirmed for C. Pedro/Pasig
Monday 12/29/2008:
Tuesday 12/30/2008: Confirmed for Torres Nuptial
Confirmed Macalalad Nuptial
Wednesday 12/31/2008: No CATERING SERVICE, only "Paluto" will be accepted

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